Is Patent Protection Right for You?

The road to an issued patent often tests the patience, particularly for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies. There are also significant expenses involved. If you are new to the world of patents, we offer an initial consultation to help you discern whether patents are really a business asset that you need. If you decide that patents are sensible assets for your business then we can help you plan a patenting strategy.

We can help you assess whether your invention is reasonably patentable. If you actually produce your invention, will you infringe an existing patent? Do you need a patent search to find similar inventions that might reduce your chances? Sometimes there are other forms of intellectual property protection that can cover your invention instead of a patent. We can discuss each of these with you. Anticipated costs can be estimated during this initial consultation.

We can also consider whether international patent protection is available to you and whether you need it.

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